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Nachtbote C20 7€
Communicate with this new ever-increasing concept from “NACHTBOTE” that we received in this year of great change while you gather with your friends in your star-studded temples of light to disseminate this information in all directions – don’t be afraid of anything! Nobody can take this from you! This issue relates to the important elaboration on the proper procedures which one is recommended to follow in the process of one’s hypnotic trance – in the recent year or two many things occurred, proceeded and came into being in the zone of displacement including planet earth – so dont hesitate, you could already use this! For a short time you can transmit this as digital file to your computer AND receive a “NACHTBOTE” video right here – also you can order the original tape with a drawing from a vision by the artist himself for 7 euros inclusive shipping worldwide. This is NOW!

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