Cruel Nature

Collapsed Memory – ‘No Logical Sequencies’
Inspired by Tangerine Dream and Software but filtered through the Rhythm & Sound disintegration vortex and abstracted atmospheres of Mount Shrine. Part ambient industrial, part occult sound design. Comes with an accompanying 24-page zine (No Portrait #2) as a visual counterpoint. All elements compiled during a two-year period starting early 2020.

Empty House – ‘Blue Bamboo’
Blue Bamboo consists of four improvised pieces for meditation or total chill out. Recorded over a few days in February and built upon drones created by the organ through a dream pedal or Tanpura box. The tracks were then splashed with colour and hues with treated piano, shakuhachi flute, bells, synth, field recordings and other instruments. Inspired Fred Laird’s faith in Buddhism as well as the music of Eno, David Sylvian, Midori Takada and Popol Vuh. Digitally released by Earthling Society, April 2022, the cassette edition includes the previously unreleased 16-minute composition, ‘Extinction Mantra’

Winded – ‘Deap Phat’
Growing up skateboarding and playing music in the Los Angeles DIY scene became the foundation of how Alance Ward’s music would always sound. Moving to Chicago to record and tour with various bands is how he learned to refine that sound. Being immersed in Chicago’s creative atmosphere Alance found himself playing drums on tours for artists like Jim Fairchild, formally of Modest Mouse, and the duo Azure Ray. All the while unconsciously filing away ideas that would become his solo music project, Winded. After experiencing a recent esoteric awakening, Alance relied on a cocktail of intuition and instinct rather than beers and booze to make his latest Winded recording. Adopting an automatic writing practice gave way to the hybrid style heard on Deap Phat. Like some kind of post punk parallax, the songs seem to morph in woozy ways with each listen. A whirlwind of hybrid post-punk / post-funk, ‘Deap Phat’ chops and skews through riffs, beats and day-glo electrofried psychedelia

Basalt Shrine – ‘From Fiery Tongues’
Basalt Shrine are the Filipino doom/post-metal super quartet of Bobby Legaspi (Surrogate Prey, Malicious Birth), Rallye Ibanez (Ex-Religious Nightmare, Surrogate Prey) and Ronaldo and Ronnel Vivo (Dagtum, The Insektlife Cycle, Abanglupa, Imperial Airwaves, Ex-Hateure). ‘From Fiery Tongues’ is their debut album. It’s heavy. Really heavy.


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