Sonic Meditations

EXPO SEVENTY – ‘Mystic Caravan’ LP
Mystic Caravan comes out of a collaboration proposed by Burial Beer (Asheville, NC) & Unseen Creatures Brewery (Miami, FL). Two fans of music & compassion for beer making came forth with the idea of making a beer for Justin Wright’s project Expo ’70. Months in the making, this vision finally sets sail! This release is comprised of 4 studio rehearsal multi-tracked sessions, two working songs and two improvised tracks compile “Mystic Caravan”. Following the heels of “Evolution”, continuing the lysergic journey into the cosmos songs weave the listener through epic psychedelic doom influenced trance-like slabs of sonic enjoyment. “In The South” is a tribute to Cluster’s “Im Süden”. EDITION OF 300 (100 yellow / 300 black). Mystic Caravan, the IPA. Mashed with barley and rice. Fermented on lychee fruit. Double dry-hopped with Citra, Nelson and Topaz. Fog machines of sticky kush, heavy sap leaking from broken guitar necks, snares coated in clementine rounds and grumbling bass vibrating lychee tapioca tea. 7.0%. Available at Unseen Creatures in Miami, FL & Burial Beer in Asheville, NC.


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