Saint Idiot

Saint Idiot – ‘Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future’ CD
Tomáš Andel (a.k.a. Saint Idiot) is a Slovak-born Canadian art pop musician, sound designer, and multimedia artist from Edmonton. His music has been interpreted as a deconstruction of pop; familiar song forms done up with sophisticated sound palettes, set in lush, carefully textured compositions, that are both a little futuristic and a little mossy. The music and world-building of Saint Idiot is inspired by the fantastic multi-sensory worlds of artists like Laurie Anderson, Björk, and Bowie, as well as the continuing legacy of bell hooks, Zen, and Deep Listening. Alternate Utopias from a Nostalgic Future is about belonging and interconnectedness in the age of hyper-individualism.


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