Dinzu Artefacts

Lärmschutz & Sergei Tumanov – ‘Atonal Echoes’
A sound collage focusing on the interaction between classic acoustic instruments, electronic sound processing and effects and integration of white noise radio transmissions. This work is part of a series on the topic of exploring the contribution between an artist and the environment.

Auvikoque – ‘Volatil’
Live recordings of improvised and composed fragments. Two unlikely and unexpected performances for audiences attending a post-metal event and a chamber music festival, respectively.

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy & Leo Suarez – ‘L’Animal Acclimaté’
Far-spread exchanges in a currency of altered moments via The Loire River, train platforms, or a swamp near Lake Ontario. An auditory study of “adjustment” within cities, nature, and the fractured sprawl that lies in-between.


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