Fire is Free

Fire is Free No. XXVI Steve Hand – ‘R.I.P.s’ CDr
First physical edition from Steve Hand, two intricately-woven pieces of memorial drone; vast landscapes of dark and heavenly beauty to occupy and explore through your mind’s eye. Hit play and begin your ascent to within. Incense smoke curls forth from your speakers. Laying on the carpet we are all floating in space. FFO: Phill Niblock, Slomo, Ampbuzz, Muslimgauze. Pro printed cdr edition of 100 in 7″ cardboard sleeves with paste-on covers.

Fire is Free No. XXVII BAND – ‘Skryer in the Spirit Vision’ CDr
This enigmatic Columbus, OH collective makes its debut on Fire is Free in rare cosmic solo-drone mode. Though known for leaving throngs of stunned audiences members in the wake of free-noise avant garde pop covers, dangerous theatrical feats and bloodshed both real and imagined, this recording consists of a single 45 minute drone piece perfect for your next séance or astral traveling session. FFO: Catherine Christer Hennix & Henry Flynt. One time cdr digipak edition of 100 copies.

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Fire is Free No. XXIX Son of Buzzi – ‘Fluss’ CDr
This project of Swiss guitarist Sebastian ‘Blind Joey Deaf’ Bischoff has been steadily releasing some of the greatest most consistently beautiful fingerpicking atop drone beds and location recordings that have graced the ears at the label in recent memory. FFO: Jack Rose, Robbie Basho, John Fahey, and pre- School of the Flower era Six Organs of Admittance. These comparisons are apt. Get it before it’s gone. CDr edition available through Fire is Free, but only 66 copies will be available in the US. The remaining 33 copies and an artist-run cassette edition of 30 copies will be available directly from Son of Buzzi for European distribution (cassette sold out before release).


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