Dinzu Artefacts

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy – ‘Stress Hydrique’
Field recordings and percussion. Accidental dive into collided waters and imaginary yet familiar landcapes. Soundtrack for the movie “La Remuée” by Fabien Delisle

Hubert Kostkiewicz – ‘Emergetyki’
By dubbing raw field recordings and recording the live playback, Kostkiewicz transforms the mixing console into a modular synthesizer. Harnessing these sometimes unruly temporalities, the album invokes conflicting extremities, a dying dub pulse or the sense of melting ice. By playing with his listeners (the acoustic masquerading as electronic) he addresses larger questions about identity and personhood amidst widespread ecological collapse. Kostkiewics is also the guitarist in the band KURWS.

Leo Suarez – ‘Circle Tension’
A focus on stretching and altering resonances as they leave the body of a drum or the surface of a cymbal, and re-incorporating them as accents and key statements in a realm of pulse and cycle. That which is actually in a state of decay becomes propelled forward as a fixture in the sonic environment.


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