SHH061CD João Lobo – ‘Simorgh’
Simorgh is João Lobo’s latest creation featuring two particularly inspiring musicians: guitar mogul Norberto Lobo and doublebass wonder Soet Kempeneer. Together they explore Lobo’s eclectic musical realm which means rhythmical oceans and melodic hills, big landscapes with very far horizons that seem out of time and space. This is very original music only possible in Lobo´s world.

SHH062 André Gonçalves – ‘Instrumentals’
André Gonçalves embraced a new and adventurous journey of composing for conventional, acoustic, musical instruments. Daring to go even further than he has gone before. Since everything Gonçalves does shines this one is no exception -proving us once again how genius he is. Every piece is so fresh, so positively “innocent” and so astonishing. A wonderful surprise.


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