Seth Kasselman

Seth Kasselman – ‘Anteroom In Birch’ C38
Seth Kasselman returns with another instrumental cassette of synthesizer and tape collage music. Whereas his last album, “Desperate Windows” was very calculated, and sparse enough to hear your own breath while immersed in it, “Anteroom In Birch” is a more diverse, stream of conscious effort. Tracks like “Degrees Of Use To” and “Centipede Cathedral” lean heavily on ambient synthesizers producing slow paced harmonies and timbres. This is balanced out with pieces like “Are Lemmings” and “Roadmaster Stitches,” which embrace the grit, abrasiveness, and tape manipulation experiments of early musique concrete. While his last several albums seemed focused on a gestalt, here each piece stands on its own, entirely different from the last. Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, over the years Kasselman has collaborated with musicians and artists such as M. Geddes Gengras, Cristopher Cichocki, and James Fella, and spent years in the avant-rock band Warm Climate. Hearing his solo work feels like a natural extension of his collaborations while maintaining a unique presence of his own.


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