Jacken Elswyth – ‘Six Static Scenes’
Dusting off the earthy sounds of American old-timers Hobart Smith, Dock Boggs and Dink Roberts, as well as Irish singer Margaret Barry, London-based Jacken Elswyth lets their influence flood their consciousness and weave itself into 7 stirring tracks. Side-stepping any revivalism, Jacken allows each track the space to trail its own path, letting the spindling strings of their banjo knot their own patterns and colours. With occasional accompaniment by shruti box and melodeon, there’s a trance like nature to each proceeding, situating Jacken’s work firmly in the tradition of the “avant-folk” (see Henry Flynt’s experiments in country music), but very much tempered to their own voice, as if the listener is being given an intimate private view to Jacken’s memories: both past and present.


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