Hangover Central Station

La Mamba Moustache – ‘Live during the foundation’ CS
LA MAMBA MOUSTACHE are one of the most ultra bands ever. Ultra-shortlived, the literally bombed their ultra-fast bangers onto tape. In their lifespan of a few hours which is less than the existence of a mayfly, the three ultra-loonies redefined the terms HACKHACK, BOOM TCHACK, SCREECH and YELL. Not your average power violence blueprint! Featuring members of Turbostaat, Mülltüte, Datashock, Phantom Horse et al. Limited to 25 home dubbed copies. Essential stuff for the faint at heart!

Keijo – ‘What Keijo played last summer’ 7”
Hailing from Jyväskyla in the midst of Finland, Keijo Virtanen plays some of the bleakest thus most beautiful rural blues one can imagine. Stripped-down tunes from a sweated guitar and Mr. Virtanen’s fragile voice – that staggers with instinctive sureness through lyrics unintelligible for most human beings – make this 7“ a one-of-a-kind record. Sadness and desolation may have never been so close to grey elegance. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies with riso printed cover. Artwork by Jelle Crama.


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