Lighten Up Sounds

(LUS-128) Adderall Canyonly – ‘Fists of Dayton!’ CS/DL
Adderall Canyonly (aka Wayne Longer) returns with a round of retro noir sleaze and woozy late night swagger, a sonorous score for simulated circumstances. “Fists of Dayton” is an original soundtrack to an imaginary film. We can provide only a handful of cryptic clues, but share them here for turbid guidance. Plot points include: sad and sleepless cherubim, thoroughly arboraceous territories, a bold new era of atheism, a known region of valuable metals, and the kicker finale, inferring a still fresh kiss set to liberate. Italo grizz, ascension groove, and crime fiction sound for smoke filled Lincoln town car. Recorded to 1/2″ tape in Portland, Oregon 2006-2009, this is some of the very first material ever recorded by the project, with an analog warmth and grit for the ages. We’re proud to rebirth this OST from a parallel plane, rated “R”. Real time duplicated to Type II chrome, labeled black shell c38 with yellow leader comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring original artwork by Tiny Little Hammers, includes digital download coupon. Duplicated by Cthonic Streams in Brooklyn, NY.

(LUS-129) Eislandschaft – ‘Vision in the Black Tundra’ CS/DL
Hypnotic minimalism returns, a lonely journey through the frigid winter wastelands. “Visions in the Black Tundra” is the newest offering from Eislandschaft, the cold-blooded ambient project from F. Curwenius (aka Goblintropp) of Argentina. The project focuses on ancient polar myth and arctic lore, creating an eerie frozen landscape of glacial texture with a melancholic singularity. Even snow becomes black with the shadow of night fall. Arctic isolationism for sub-zero trance state. Behold, frostbitten serenity. Type II Chrome, clear shell cassette with printed silver foil labels comes packed with fold out cardstock J-card featuring original artwork by F. Whelk. Limited edition of 50 copies, real time duplicated by Cthonic Streams in Brooklyn, NY.

(LUS-130 / LUS-131) Medhelan – ‘Nocturnal Wanderings’ 2CS BOX/CD/DL
“What we can see is just a small part of reality… there’s a whole invisible world existing along with our ‘real’ world, and there are places where the fine line between them becomes blurred until it dissolves.” Sound artist Matteo Brusa returns to the label exploring these boundaries of invisible worlds and the blended lines between. “Nocturnal Wanderings” brings deep long-form compositions inspired by traditional pagan virtues; Nature, Magic and the landscapes of the artist’s homeland in northern Italy. Field recordings from these landscapes themselves are incorporated into the sound, bringing a connectivity and elemental atmosphere to the transcendent journey ahead. We’re proud to finally manifest this deluxe archival edition of these formative recordings from Brusa’s highly regarded dungeon synth project Medhelan, now beautifully remastered and presented in physical form, alongside a full second bonus offering of Eternal Wanderings; two exclusive, all new tracks made in the same focused spirit as the initial first recordings. The lengthy song titles convey a story, acting as a metaphor for the journey to spiritual transcendence. We follow our path in four steps. The final track title is a reference to Tir na Nog, the mythical island across the ocean found in ancient Irish sagas, which no death and suffering can reach. Detachment from the burdens of our world is complete. Released in two physical editions, as a deluxe double cassette box set with silver foil embossed dust sleeve and embroidered patch, and as a classic standard jewel case CD. Limited to 100 copies of each edition.


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