Invisible City Records

ICR69: Culver & Rovellasca – ‘Ritual Memory’ C65
Second collaboration between Gateshead droners Culver & Rovellasca. Dark drones, cassette hiss, concrete worship. A ferric back and forth. First instalment released in Matching Head. Cassette only, no digital. Hand dubbed C65 with double sided black and white artwork.

ICR70: Modelbau & MVK – ‘The Hidden Accord’ C60 £5
Dense, minimal drones from The Netherlands. Two interpretations of the same source but with delicately different approach from each artist. Hand dubbed C60 with double sided black and white artwork.

ICR71: Depletion – ‘Cotard Delusion’ C35 £5
Second outing on ICR for Martyn Reid’s Depletion. A continuing descent into the metallic void. Heavy electronic squall. Oppressive machinery. Melancholic currents. Hand dubbed C35 with single sided black and white artwork.


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