Shaky Tooth Tapes

Mincer Ray – ‘Turkish Outhouse’
Mincer Ray is in the air. First Cate died. Later Sean died. In between Endai disappeared. Graham is still around – splicing together lost tapes, temporary Germans, and sounds from beyond our earthly borders in a desperate attempt to soothe a lust for revenge & connect with dead pals as he awaits the hand of Corona to bring him to home.

Yitt – ‘Facebook or After the Attack of the Insect Robot Aliens’
Yitt McCawlk is an ex-social-media-statistics-rat turned messiah after decoding an ancient HTML script from the darkweb. The album resulting from this transformative experience is an insectoid hive-mind end-of-days tale in the form of disembodied song and dance. A new better bible if you will.

Scratch Pants – ‘Dog Bones’
Good fun & good energy leak from the pores of Betty, Irene, & el Rondo deVille as they slip & slide through distorted tunes. It’s not perfect, but it is representative.


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