Fire is Free

Agreeable Goldmines – ‘Black Meditation’
Agreeable Goldmines lifts the veil on 3 new shimmering and shuddering drone pieces recorded late in 2019 and released as an accompaniment to the new full length recording Black Opals. Though brief, the session captured here contains enough depth and movement to warrant repeat listens. The mixes on this version incorporate sources recorded on a blues harp mic acquired from Sir Richard Bishop. One-time CDr edition of 20. $5 shipped US.

Agreeable Goldmines – ‘Black Opals’
The third in a trio of new releases from Agreeable Goldmines, this album represent the first new recordings from the project in over 3 years, recorded and re-recorded starting in 2018. This is easily the most variable album in the AG catalog, wandering freely between acoustic and electric guitar drones, no-input mixer feedback, shambling psychedelic folk, and a blues number. One-time CDr edition of 20. $5 shipped US.

Yasuyuki Uesugi – ‘Daily Mutations In Genes Change My Spiritual World Little By Little’
Fire Is Free awakens from its slumber to put forth this slab of Dark and Heavenly beauty, the first ever international release for the label. Yasuyuki Uesugi hails from Hokkaido Japan and uses custom JMT analog electronics to create hypnotic, flowing walls of harsh noise. One-time CDr edition of 50 copies with hand numbered 2 sided insert. $7 shipped US.


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