Monorail Trespassing

Sunk Cost – ‘Altitude Sickness’ C40
Sunk Cost is Johnathan Cash, a young man based in Denver, Colorado who knows his noise composition. Altitude Sickness is fourty non-stop minutes of intense stereo-panning, hyper-active jump cuts and perfectly-timed breakdowns, in the tradition of the Japanese and American post-treaty leaders, with nary a moment wasted. Features guest electronics from Richard Ramirez on one track. 100 copies .

Nystrand/Klein – ‘Bayou Stickee’ C22
Dual hellfire studio collaboration recorded in Sweden from Nystrand (VMS Elit, Quack Quack, Heinz Hopf) and Klein (techno outlaw, here in psychedelic synth mode). Sharpened oscillators navigate the undercurrent of distortion and crumble. Sticky and chunky, like aural peanut brittle. 100 copies.


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