Billy N’ Dave – ‘Share My Chaise’ CS
Billy G. Robinson and David Lackner first met on a gig in 2009 and have since collaborated on many projects together including records with Blue Jazz TV and Synthetic Love Dream. They continue to gig together at least once a week, and have formed a deep friendship built on long drives and sitting in traffic around NY. “Often at 2am we would be on the road and have these long talks in the car; so much time over the years to kick back and forth ideas about making music, selling vitamins, spirituality, and lots of other stuff you do NOT need to know about. To me, the record sounds like late night driving through New Jersey at the hour of the wolf. The sequence, I hope, feels like a retrospective looking back on a couple’s long life together.” -DL. Billy began his career in music as a child singing and touring with Glen Jones and the Gospel Modulations (yes, “that” Glen Jones) After leaving his home in Jacksonville, Florida and moving to New York in 1978. He became the lead singer for the group B.T. Express in 1980, and shifted into music production around 1997. He enjoyed a solo career with Apollo/Motown records throughout the 80s. Dave comes from playing jazz sax and piano in Philly. After moving to NY, he mostly switched to pop music, minimalism, and running Galtta. After talking about it for 5 years, the two finally finished a record together and the outcome is “Share My Chaise”; 9 smooth tunes covered in synths, sax, trumpet, drums, bass, guitar, and percussion. “Trust” is co-written and sang by Genevieve Kammel Morris (Lauds). Big thanks to Blue Jazz TV members Adrian Knight, Max Zuckerman, and Mike Advensky for playing on the record. And Dan Nissenbaum for his trumpet playing on track 1. Track 9 is dedicated to Sharon Robinson. Recorded and mixed in BK, NY at the Galtta studio. Produced by D Lackner. Edition of 115 cassettes.


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