Monorail Trespassing

Jackson-Pratt – ‘Semi Good Lookin’ C30 $6
A potent blast of saturation and crunch, the second tape from this NYC-based project wastes no time in establishing itself — hard panned stereo layers of junk metal intersect with consistently engaging, full spectrum textures from start to finish; clear as crystal, never thin or muddy. Paired with an equally engaging live performance, Jackson-Pratt is at the forefront of contemporary American Harsh Noise, and deserves your immediate attention. Edition of 100, professionally duplicated, with full color covers and labels.

Vasculae – ‘New Orthodoxy’ C34 $6
The first completed material in over a year following a long battle with various creative blocks introduces a dark ambient element to the ongoing focus of placing harsh noise in different contextual environments. Voice recordings are filtered beyond recognition in the hope that their original intent transfers to the listener, while the overall compositional approach harkens back to the early years of PD’s extreme dynamic contrast. Edition of 100, professionally duplicated, smoky tapes and cases with full color covers and labels.


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