Constellation Tatsu

Curved Light – ‘Flow and Return’
Description: A visceral psychedelic journey, the album is perhaps more densely layered than his previous efforts, but here laced with a fresh batch of memorable melodies and a neon under- current of 21st century dread.

Chris Otchy – ‘Subterranean Landscapes’
Description: A vivid exploration of the natural world, the album weaves together a tapestry of serene synth compositions juxtaposed with denser, more industrial material that stops just short of techno.

Jordan Christoff – ‘Enveloped’
Description: Jordan paints sonic landscapes with synth experimentations, no computer screens, but a full acoustic world that draws from contemporary ambient sonic landscapes, a sound that is also committed to honouring the roots, clearly inspired by composers like Eduard Artemyev and the sounds of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares.

Rose – ‘Night Places’
Description: Night Places is the latest project from Reuben Sawyer, whose been an illustrator & musician for over a decade. Sawyer has various aliases, and his Rose persona comes off as hypnotic, focused, and beyond freezing.


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