Upside Down Recordings

CRISTIANO CAROSI – ‘Botanica’ C30 5€
“Botanica” is the first work published by Cristiano Carosi whih his real name. Moving to this new vest there’s the idea of “uncovering” unseen relashionships between sound objects, the research of new intersections and combinations through electronic instruments and synthesis filtered by effects and magnetic tapes like a diaphram for a fotographer impressing his film. “With my filters I dose the materials i play, find and record, different elements and couples of sounds, reproduced and observed while they re-grow together; I let them take their own space and time measuring this flow to keep and alterate the balance at the same time, leaving empty spaces and silence to a new dialogue”. He has recorded music with the shoegaze band Sea Dweller and is part of CYMBLS, a psychedelic band that experiments with sound and electronic with a minimal approach. With his solo project HERBAL RESEARCH he elaborates short studies of sound collage from samples, electronic synthesis and acoustic instruments on the tapes “Sound Non Sound” for Upside Down Recordings, his own label focused on experimental new sounds (Nastro, Filtro, Julien A.Lacroix, Angélica Castelló).

Angélica Castelló – ‘DOS CUACOCHIS’ C12 5€
Cuacochi in Nahuatl language means “to sleep in a tree”.
As a wind player myself I have always been particularly fascinated by the sound of the air through my instruments. As a performer and improviser I have developed a big palette of wind sounds, mixing them with related sounds such as static radio noise and white noise.


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