Space Slave Editions

Attenuated – ‘Ideomotor’ C30 $8
Pro-duplicated 30 minute cassette. Music by Ian Kennedy. J card by Bun Suzuki. Space Slave 33. Ed 100.

Excavacations & Azaleas – ‘Glasgow & Invocation’ C46 $8
Type II 46 minute cassette. Excavacations is Chad Parsons and Nicholas Longworth. Azaleas is Kyle Wade and Alice Andres Wade. J card by Carl Koopmans. Space Slave 32

Vermillion Father – ‘A Land in Which Only One Foot is Planted’ C60 $8
Pro-duplicated 60 minute cassette. Music by Jonathan Sacha. J card Bun Suzuki. Space Slave 31. Ed. 100.


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