Green Records

Life Recorder Vol. 2‘ VHS
Second VHS compilation of live sets captured in Michigan during Summer 2017. All recorded to Hi8 and edited to VHS. 60 minutes of excerpts from sets by: Anla Courtis/John Olson/Cyrus Pireh, Thom Elliott, Tyler Hicks, Viki, Devotional, Vullmoxx, Church Shuttle, Sick Llama, Little Princess, and Charlie Draheim. Edition of 27 numbered copies, dubbed 1:1 in SP mode on Fuji T-60 tapes. NTSC only. All orders come with a DVDr copy of last year’s Life Recorder Vol. 1 which featured 30 minutes of excerpts of sets from: Skin Graft, Shades, C.R. Odette, Noise Nomads, Lidless Eye, Jessie & The Eels, Nobody’s Children, Crode, Cruudeuces, Crib Breath, 1%er, and Dog Lady Island.


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