Green House

ATMWorld – ‘Dondadi’ CS
Green House is proud to present ATMWorld, the first full-length album from Connor Hanwick under the Dondadi moniker. As a musician and producer involved in numerous projects over the last ten years, Hanwick’s recent work as Dondadi sees an effortless shift into the modern experimental realm. Through the marriage of synthetic and acoustic instruments, ATMWorld settles into a unique listening space. Striking a balance between classical and contemporary conventions, Hanwick nods to elemental aspects of musique concrète such as active listening and acousmatic sound through his use of field recordings and internet ephemera. Simultaneously, themes and effects exercised in contemporary electronic music are seamlessly woven into each composition. Digital manipulation and heavy layering of melodies and chordal motifs define ATMWorld’s nuanced shifts in perspective. Futuristic lullabies softly carry the listener into shimmering, fragmented bursts of emotion – sharp, abstract and holographic.


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