Lighten Up Sounds

CLEAR FLUIDS – ‘Music of the Spheres’ C22
For Cassini. This shadowy project has been quietly releasing vignettes of home-spun synthesis since 2012, and returns here with seven new haunting tracks of extraterrestrial electronics focused on the celestial bodies. Dark melodics and orbital oscillation offered in homage to the noble explorer. Mission accomplished, rest in power. Hi-bias Chrome Type II tape, professionally duplicated / imprinted clear shell cassette comes packaged with gloss b/w cardstock J-card in clear Norelco case. Edition of 70 copies.

ADDERALL CANYONLY – ‘The Limits of All Known Ice’ C32
Adderall Canyonly has been steadily cranking out keen tripper groove, kosmische tres outré and electro-synth splat since 2010, amassing over 20 releases under the belt and forging his own twisted approach to contemporary psych-electronics. “The Limits of All Known Ice” is a gem of church organ grizz, rough electric bass thump and wobbly stereo synth-fuzz, a rainbow faceted spectrum of crystalline dirt. Originally seeing digital-only release in 2014, this work has now been given physical presence for select grubby mitts, with an all new five minute “outro” on the B side. Hi-bias Chrome Type II tape, professionally duplicated translucent yellow shell with white ink imprint comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring artwork by Tiny Little Hammers, Edition of 70 copies.

Concrete Colored Paint is a new nom de plume from the prolific Peter Kris of German Army, delivering a trance inducing soup of heavily processed field recordings and post-industrial murk, captured while traveling through Portugal and meticulously mixed to form a gloriously disorienting new whole. Choirs half buried in waist-deep quicksand, mechanical churn of burnt out motors in unlit tunnels, a pervasive ghostly blur. Confusing / spectacular. Tap Water is the maniacal duo of Ian Franklin (Shredderghost) & Mike Haley (Wether, Tabs Out), cranking a particularly mangled and crude form of uncomfortable tape wonk and electronic flutter. Deep creepers ala modular sput and magnetic garble, RAW New England psych-noise boys in live formation for the true gurus and casual goblins alike. Bizarre and ugly, just right! Real time duplicated clear shell Type II chrome cassette with printed silver foil labels comes packaged in extra thick, reflective silver mirror board J-card with two color process print featuring crumbling two-headed serpent photo by Peter Kris. Hand-numbered edition of 44 copies.

Niedowierzanie is the long running solo project of French experimental musician Léo Maury, active since 2008 with a back catalog of excellent releases on labels such as Reue Um Reue, Obscène Et Anémique, Vrystaete, and Zoharum. This newest work “Lumiere” congeals into a truly remarkable lump, combining radiant new age bliss with lurching Giallo swagger, mutant alien groove, and ambient trance electronics. A careful recipe of both organic and synthetic elements to form a profoundly luminous stew. Six tracks of evolutionary voltage, bringing 1000 lumens of light to the dimmest corners of the contemporary stratosphere. Professionally duplicated to Type II Chrome, translucent blue shell cassette with white imprint comes packaged with double sided blue and white “Mandala” process print J-card on 80 lb gloss cardstock in clear Norelco case. Edition of 70 copies.

GRAHAM BALDWIN – ‘Black Book Run-On’ C32
Graham Baldwin, mighty guitar wielder of the long running project BLOODWALL, returns to the imprint with a powerful new album of raw micro-cassette recordings offered under his own name. A singular work from GB unlike anything else in his discography, offering cosmic-brut organ psychedelia, granular grit and epic cello trance, snips of radio interference cut into circular piano melodies, and his own distinct approach to stripped down six-string wizardry. Electronic gurgle and room sound shimmer are blended through deft in-machine editing, all recorded live, with no over dubs or post processing. “Black Book Run-On incorporates a range of traditional instruments and musical forms, combining elements of musique concrète, psych folk, experimental blues, and electro-space mantra, deep listening for these dark days. Professionally duplicated to Type II Chrome, bright green shell cassette with white imprint comes packaged with double sided green & white process print on 80 lb gloss cardstock in clear Norelco case. Edition of 70 copies.


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