DK071 Claus Poulsen – ‘Starry womb’ C40 €5
Claus Poulsen is a danish musician and producer who works with laptop, turntables, synths, electronics, field recordings, amplified objects and other sound sources. His output can sit anywhere within the blurred boundaries between ambient, avantgarde, noise and (rarely) pop. As a solo artist, CP is currently working with a number of concepts: bowing vinyl records, traveller’s recordplayer, bonzai tree and “Children of the Stars” experiments with sampled voices of children. His journey as an artist is very much an on-going process and he prefers to experiment with sound and texture in an improvised fashion, with a goal of gradually honing his craft and covering new and uncharted territory. He runs the label Skrat Records and makes cover art. CP performs and makes releases solo and in a number of collaborations: improv-trio CAM (Since 2009), dark ambient duo Small Things on Sundays (since 2007), lo-fi space explorations with Star Turbine (Since 2011) and experimental ambient with Carbon Copy (since 2015).

DK072 Gert-Jan Prins – ‘Drums and electronics #17’ C40 €5
Gert-Jan Prins, born 1961, Ijmuiden, the Netherlands: electronics, percussion. Gert-Jan Prins focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic noise and percussion and investigates its relationship with the visual. While he started his career as a drummer, his works include performances, sound-installations, compositions, electronic circuits and collaborations with other musicians, visual artists, composers, and dancers. Besides his long-term collaboration with video artist Bas Van Koolwijk, with whom he designed the synchronator and the mole-rat, current projects include: Black Smoking Mirror with Martijn Van Boven, a new group with drummer Balász Pándi and Peter Van Bergen, several collaborations with de player rotterdam, the synchronator orchestra. He has collaborated with Pita, Thomas Lehn, Lee Ranaldo, Cor Fuhler, Keith Rowe, Tomas Korber, Fennesz, Jérôme Noetinger, Peter Van Bergen, Domenico Sciajno, Marcus Schmickler, Mats Gustafsson, Alan Courtis, Thomas Ankersmit, Koen Nutters, Raed Yassin, Sharif Sehnaoui, Dirar Kalash, Giuseppe Ielasi, Carlos Giffoni, Luc Houtkamp, Misha Mengelberg, Anne La Berge, David Dramm, Fred Van Hove and many others. With audio / visual artists: Martijn Van Boven, Peter Fengler, Dennis De Bel, Bas Van Koolwijk, Gijs Gieskes, Greg Pope, Tina Frank, Billy Roisz, Rob Flint, Xavier Guérel, Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Petra Dolleman, Martha Colburn, Cyrus Frisch. He is a longtime member of M.i.m.e.o. (the 12-piece movement in music electronic orchestra). Performances, on international festivals & clubs throughout Europe, North America, South-Africa, Russia, central Asia, Australia.

DK073 Filtro – ‘Materia’ C30 €5
“Filtro” is the duo consisting of Angelo Bignamini (The Great Saunites) on tapes and Luca de Biasi (Satantango, Playground, Vhd Vhd) on modular synths and even more tapes. Despite being born and raised on psychedelic and noise rock, the core of Filtro is improvisation through magnetic tapes and modular synthesisers, manipulated until they form a thick and intertwined sound layering. Auditory fragments coming in shapes of cutting edges and curves are recalibrated and polished, so that they are reborn as patterns – some entirely or half repeated, some lost. The sound is flowing between movement and disappearance and is ultimately capable of expanding the listeners’ sound perception in innovative ways. “Materia” (Dokuro, 2018) is a study in two acts on progression and regression of the same reiterated sound matter.


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