Palm Tapes

Mellow Fellow – ‘Jazzie Robinson’ C23 $6
22-year-old Polo Reyes, of the Philippines, is (a) Mellow Fellow. Jazzie Robinson, an album soaked in style, collects Reyes’ bedroom-recorded, daydream, pop serenades. His vocals are intimate with lyrics universal, tender and romantic. Buried Muse writes, “His creamy, jazzie, tracks are hard not to love. Within a year his music has reached hundreds of thousands of people, and it’s been met with great reactions.” Opener “Best Friend” is dazzlingly beautiful; the song sits under a thin layer of LoFi mist. Bossa nova nods in “Bossa Yeshua” evoke a breezy, beach-shore, sunset – lyrics of love float over sultry guitar interplay, and Reyes keeps a nice groove on the drum set and bass guitar. Celestial strings enter “Even When I Still Breath” with a minute left – A perfect finish to the otherworldly ballad, and a fitting end to an album marked by contemplative beauty.


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