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GREGORY BÜTTNER – ‘Tonarm, P.S.’ C45
Gregory Büttner (b. 1972) is a Hamburg based sound artist, curator and label owner and has been a key figure in the city’s experimental/improvised music scene for more than 10 years. As the person in charge of the 1000füssler imprint and one of the main organisers of the annual „Blurred Edges“ festival for contemporary music, Büttner has collaborated with countless local and international artists over the years, Birgit Ulher, Simon Whetham, Anja Winterhalter, Rhodri Davies, just to name a few. After numerous CD releases since the early 2000’s „Tonarm, P.S.“ is Büttner’s first work for the cassette medium and perhaps also his most direct approach to the aesthetics of sound. By using different objects and materials to educe noises from record grooves, he draws on the synergy of materiality and acoustics to combine recorded sounds and the immediate sonic response to his actions. By this stripped-down technique, the sound itself seems to materialise and becomes experienceable in a very tangible manner. High-grade C45 chrome cassette, edition of 50 copies.


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