Lighten Up Sounds

Debut full length of monolithic funeral doom from the darkest shadows of Seattle. The mysterious duo BLOOD OF SOKAR delivers a distinct vision of terrifying sludge metal, an arcane offering of blackened cosmic dirge in it’s most unsettling form. Harrowing vocal howls and caustic organ drones over atmospheric pummel and painful bruise, not for the faint of heart. This deluxe physical edition includes the as of yet unheard track, “Mortum Ventum”, filling out the previously self released digital EP to a full length session of grim seclusion. Horrifying claustrophobia manifests, a 38 minute nightmarish descent into the barren screaming void. Professionally duplicated translucent red shell cassette with silver imprint comes packaged in 5″ x 3.5″ black vinyl clamshell case with full color artwork on 80 lb. gloss cardstock. Includes 3″x 2″ insert printed to translucent red vellum, plus bonus 1″ logo badge and vinyl sticker. Hand numbered limited edition of 100 copies.

(LUS-109) DER ELEKTRISCHE TRAUM – ‘Continuum Flow’ C34
Der Elektrische Traum is a solo project from Germany, focused on deep hardware synthesis and raw cosmic atmospherics. All tracks are improvised in real time and recorded to Zoom R-16 Multitrack Recorder, no computer was used. Serpentine melodics and motorik arpeggio propels through the stratosphere and beyond the celestial sphere, a sonic transmission at true escape velocity. Plasma navigation through globular cluster, breaking free of planetary gravitation and into the infinite reaches of radioactive space beyond. Professionally duplicated / imprinted orange shell cassette comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring “Standing Stones” artwork printed to 80 lb. glossy cardstock. Limited hand numbered edition of 50 copies.

(LUS-110) PREYOCUPADO – ‘Characters Of A Calendar’ C20
Bizarre gurgle electronics and queasy acid reflux from the duo of Andy Neubauer (Impractical Cockpit, Doggerella Decided Upon) and Mar Lunk (Mar Habrine, Skoal Kodiak). Recorded in hard Stereo to 8-track Tascam 388, this is a “pristine” document of deep lurch and electro belch, freak groove and synthesis grit under the cover of darkness. “The raptor appears, it’s behooved prey upon the precipice without recourse. With a fearsome swooping lunge, talon pierces flesh and the doomed creature is lifted skyward until inevitable release. The graceful plunge to the crags below seems endless, a distance ensuring nothing but instant death. With that, the lethal predator has secured it’s gruesome meal, a feast for the true king of the sky.” Real time duplicated clear shell Chrome Type II cassette with bright crimson labels comes packaged with full color double sided cardstock J-Card. Limited hand numbered edition of only 30 copies worldwide.


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