Palm Tapes

G & Doro – ‘If I See You EP’ C22 $5
G & Doro are the duo of Montreal’s Graeme Stewart and Toronto’s Dorothea Paas. Stewart’s extraordinary production work and Paas’s ethereal vocal stirrings characterize this debut. The elegant bouquet of new jack swing, deep house and 90s breakbeat bounce is intoxicating perfume. You can feel the city steam rise from the street. With repeated listens, unique fineness, and the melodicism of Paas’s layered singing, is fully revealed. Silent Shout remarks the EP is “a sleek mysterious electro-R&B treasure,” calling opening track, “I Need It,” “a delicious groove that’s so deep it’s suboceanic.” Title track, “If I See You,” comes next led by a lick recalling Robin S’s “Show Me Love” amidst Paas’s sultry, centered, verses and silky chants. Bird chirps and waterfalls open the third cut, “No Looking Back.” It’s like flying over the canopy – mystic flora unknown below. For the chorus, Stewart drops a synth that squiggles like a stoned grin enveloping Paas. Later, she sings, “No looking back on this / no thinking about tomorrow,” as the track’s carefree euphoria washes over. For the closer, “Something Real (Uncanny Mix),” the duo is back to Larry Heard’s type of smoky, purple, nighttime. Addicting rhythms end as they began. It’s a masterpiece debut of talent and vision. (Graeme Stewart’s music is also featured on Palm Tapes under the moniker, “Burn Cycle,” on the comp: Northern Palms Volume One (see PT – 011)).


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