STRATA16 Former Selves – ‘The Heart Wants’ CS $7
The Heart Wants is a deep meditation on change – what happens when life turns a corner. Two stunning sidelong ambient drone pieces to help transmit you from the grip of Winter into a new Spring. Entanglement & rupture. These are the sounds of impact. Edition of 100 pro dubbed on chrome, imprinted clear cassettes. Two sided, j-cards and a slipcover. 

STRATA17 Greenhouse – ‘Lapse’ CS $7
Lapse was created using only an acoustic guitar and a minimal gear setup. Combining unprocessed room mics and the acoustic’s pick-up, Greenhouse strips the instrument down to its essential tonal quality while pushing far away from easily identifiable guitar sounds. Edition of 75 pro dubbed on chrome, imprinted white cassettes. Two sided extra panel j-cards. 


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