Kirlian Recordings

Stuart Chalmers – ‘Imaginary Musicks vol. I – V’ 4CDr
5 volumes in 4 CD, almost four hours of music. Each volume presents a different aspect in the world of the unreal. The series is a re-imagining of old, dusty and forgotten cassette samples. Each piece a decayed relic of a lost civilization from a past/future that never was. A sort of fanta-cosmogony formed from improvisations using cassette tape, synths, effect pedals and a circuit bent keyboard. Fans of Nurse With Wound, Aaron Dilloway, Tom Recchion and William Basinski n won’t be disappointed. edition of 50 copies.

Ivory Trade – ‘The Untold Gaze’ CS
Like fragments of almost shattered memories from a personal audio archive of (micro)cassettes. edition of 50 copies.


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