Already Dead Tapes

AndroidSpace – ‘Beautiful Mistakes’
“AndroidSpace are an East Coast duo who have spent over two decades as graffiti and hip-hop heads, finding much inspiration in their record collections. On their debut album, ‘Beautiful Mistakes’, the two channel that inspiration into homage with genre-bending compositions that meld new wave, witch house, shoegaze and even hip-hop. The album is a sprawling collection of deeply personal stories and experiences, with a surprising range of instrumentation, emotion and style. The album’s first single “Atmosphere” is a slow and brooding number, with heavy vocal delay and an industrial beat that set the tone for the album. Another highlight comes from “Jamage Voltron”, a heartfelt track that explores themes of love and loss, a reoccurring theme among the album’s 19 tracks, with a heavy hip-hop beat and vocal influence driving the album forward. Some of the album’s catchiest moments come from its ballads “Before We Go” and “Retrieve Our Bones”, the latter being one of the album’s highest points.


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