Spring Break Tapes

Hainbach – ‘The Evening Hopefuls’
“The Evening Hopefuls is an album that would have been impossible for me to write a year ago. I always felt the need to add a little beat or bass. I got bored when the music was too calm. This changed when I wrote my first piece for orchestra. After the score was done I had little to do in my hotel room in between rehearsals, so I reworked bits and pieces of rehearsal recordings into something new. The calm was suddenly pleasing instead of grating. After a month I had three hours of music recorded, of which this album is a selection. What I especially enjoy about the record is that in many pieces there are about forty people present, sitting in an old cloister, playing my music for the first time. Electronic music can be a lonely affair, but not so in this case. We were The Evening Hopefuls.” — Stefan Paul Goetsch This cassette is a limited edition release. Only 100 copies will be available.

Bus Gas – ‘Live On Leave Us’
For their fourth release, the Nebraska-based drone collective Bus Gas offers up a shimmering, rainbow-color ghost titled Live On Leave Us. Bus Gas, having abandoned their previous affinity for improvisation in favor of deliberate composition, has meticulously constructed a matched pair of songs; the first being a weightless, celestial moan with the second as a wheezing, grime-coated ceremony. Bus Gas gleefully stack layer on layer, loop on loop, sound on sound, knowing full well that the songs will inevitably crumble beneath under their own weight, leaving behind little but dusty remnants. This cassette is a limited edition release. Only 100 copies will be available.


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