OTA007 Bagatela – ‘cotilhões’ C62
There was once a boar, wide and filled with good humour, clear thoughts and solid teeth. His most cherished sport was badminton with balls.

OTA008 Ecoa – ‘before clarity comes darkness’ C60
This is a road movie or myself waiting in a supermarket filled with good hardening solid chunks of bone marrow, fake gold and fake bandanas.

OTA009 Casual Observer – ‘ep’ C31
If this were a tunnel the light would be found past the light air breeze left of the iridescent diamond, through the maze of quartz. You would start your route like anyone always does. Patiently, with willful hopes, only to find that your memories are not, as ever, linked to your expectations. You will remember disconnected visions of mice excrements, puddles stained by iron, when your eye got filled with rubble.

OTA010 Space Echo – ‘po-16’ C40
Dandelions flew across the fields shattering their soft seeds in a carpet of white, morning came and some innocent herbivore had slept there.

OTA011 German Army – ‘kurgan hearth’ C39
“From C to F. Everything is within everything” said the chunky voice from within the shiny gramophone, his pocket geyser. “From D to T” said the all knowing nitwit in the corner of the room. “I know cause I walked here barefoot… in the snow.”


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