Gamma Mine

NYZ – ‘DRNH’ C90 £7
Launching Gamma Mine’s explorations into electronic systems music is “DRNH”, a new release from award winning artist Dave Burraston. “DRNH” continues 2016’s releases from the ever-prolific artist, who has released works on labels including .MEDS, Feral Tapes, Computer Club and ALKU, this year alone. Under his NYZ alias, Burraston studies modulation-based synthesis techniques from his Noyzelab studio, NSW, Australia. As an extension to the activities captured on “DRN4” (.MEDS, 2016), the systems utilised on “DRNH” have been broadened to include additive synthesis, ring modulation and non-linear waveshaping alongside Burraston’s staple frequency modulation synthesis techniques. The following is a declassified listing of equipment used in this research: Hinton Instruments Music Lab modular prototype, Yamaha SY99 & TG77 with cellular automata generated microtunings, MANIAC/Ulamizer-II cellular automata sequencing, Tiptop Z-DSP & Numberz with custom programs. The result is a collection of recordings which take the listener from sci-fi atmospheres (“NYZ-1_HI-SIN”) to whirring electronics (“NYZ_Z-DSP+NUMBERZ-DRN1”), playful FM studies (“FM80Pcellular”, “FM60Pcellular”) to meditative drones (“CSN2-excerpt1-mono”, “DRNH”).


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