DK063 Videobasic – ‘Frakibacter’ C30 5€
dk063apsiVideobasic is the new project by Michele Mazzani – Dona Ferentes, Gelba, Lonktaar, Cavelonte Editions – this time accompanied by Gabriele Gotini, with whom he’s already collaborating as C-Luet, a silkscreening art project. Their fourth cassette release “Frakibacter” is a succession of unstable and cacophonous sound dreams made by incursions of lo-fi field recordings , tape and monophonic oscillators’ glissandos and ambushes of hum SID 6581 … all of this generates into the listener, who lets himself soak into a deep listening, an altered mental state, constantly hovering between perception and omen.

DK062 AMK – ‘How are you? I’m OK’ C30 5€
dk062apsiAMK since ‘84 – Banned Production head honcho – U.S. noise pioneer. Dokuro is proud to present Anthony Michael King’s brand new cassette “How are you? I’m OK”. Five pieces of fragorous Sonic Art ranging from “augmented” field recording, montage flexidiscs and vinyl manipulation to live performance (with the contribution of Damion Romero, Eldon M, Geoff Brandin and Matt Purse). AMK continues to offer with inexhaustible freshness the classic elements of his sound art, creating a centripetal flow in which everyone is sucked into – and yet definitely another pearl in his discography, another unmissable dowel in west coast’s underground noise scene . Cover illustration by William Zarate.


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