Lighten Up Sounds

LUS-098 Рабор – ‘Голоса…’ CS
rabor-smallProud to unleash this powerful analog document from Slavic folk warrior Рабор / Rabor. The album “Голоса… (translated as “Voices Of…”) collects a series of ambient works from the years 2014-2016, following the themes of Nature & ancient folklore. The album offers two long form works of melodic and cold atmospherics (“Осень-Река / Fall River” & “Вековой Ледник / Secular Glacier” respectively), enhanced here with a fresh sonic mastering, PLUS an as of yet unheard track entitled “Изумрудные-Слёзы / Emerald Tears” which is entirely exclusive to this release. Nature ambient & frozen dungeon synth with strong folk elements, a noble showcase of the artists command of composition and dynamic movement. Professionally duplicated & imprinted blue foil cassette comes presented in 5×7″ vinyl clamshell album featuring original full color photography by Dan Huseby. Includes double sided 4×6″ photo card with blue/white info insert and a bonus full color 1″ logo pin-back badge. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies. Pristine visions of fog filtered light, a meditative score for moments of peace before battle.

LUS-101 Overscan – ‘Time Erases Memory’ CS
overscan-smallNew analog offering from the electronics project of solo artist Marcus Miller, hailing from Australia. Resonant tones form to weave soft silken gauze, a warm affirmation bringing clarity and light to the bleariest of eyes. Calling forth the forebears of Kosmische tradition yet rooted contemporaneously in this ever more modern world, OVERSCAN offers a distilled and refined technique of air-filled synthesis ascension to carve his own distinct form of ultimate blur and smother. Professionally duplicated / imprinted white shell cassette comes packaged with double sided fold out J-card featuring original photography by the artist himself. Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies. Flotation device / sonic neuralyzer, an adroit aural salve aiding true cerebral erasure.

LUS-102 Clear Fluids – ‘Canis Major’ CS
clear-fluids-smallCLEAR FLUIDS manifests a strong return to the imprint with a fresh new EP of gritty ambient electro and cosmic trance zone from the darkest of the new age dungeons. A collection of three thoughtful and propulsive synth tracks focused on the themes of the great Constellations, the infinite mysteries of astral navigation and the never-ending expansion of the universe. Real time duplicated clear shell cassette with printed labels comes packaged with fold out three panel b/w J-card on glossy 80 pt. stock featuring antique constellation chart. Includes vellum insert with track info and short poem, limited hand-numbered edition of 33 copies.


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