Cruel Nature

CN066: Sun Skeletons – ‘Get It Up Yers Trio’ CS
sunskeletonsOn a sunny day in the spring of 2016, Krang and Crinkil (of Workin’ Man Noise Unit) with their good friend The Breadman, went into the studio without a plan. Buoyed by a huge picture on the wall of the popular singer and goddess Shania Twain, they ecstatically knocked out several ‘no rules’ improv tunes, recorded quickly and in single takes. Outside, a cat lying in the sun peered through the window, occasionally mouthing profanities at them; such as “The fuck you up to in there, lads?” and “What the fuck is this horseshit, sounds like death.” This release features 3 tracks from that session. Limited to 30 copies on pro-produced silver glitter tapes with on-body print.

CN069: Skullcaster – ‘Vogon Poetry’ CS
skullcasterWhen I asked Skullcaster (Texan Chris Cones, who also plays in How I Quit Crack) for some words on his latest release, he gave me this: “a soundtrack to enhanced interrogation”. And nothing more really needs to be said. An assault on the senses, this is 30mins of choppy-weaving-sub-bass electro-necrothrash-mind-melding joy. Cones’ is renowned for eschewing traditional song-structure in favour of abstract, deconstructed harsh soundwaves that blend ambience, razed audio samples. noise and experimentation into a chaotic sound that transcends genre. With hyperspace artwork by James Watts, expect this in a blackened cell near you soon. Limited to 30 copies world-wide.


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