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Ross Manning – ‘Deforming A Virtual Ribbon’ C32
ross-manning-100x100Ross Manning is a contemporary new media artist based in Brisbane, in Australia, working with optics, projection, light and sound. From a youth, he was focused on music, making his own shelf-played instruments and custom electronics, giving him the opportunity to improvise with them in a live context. His music is already released by respectful music labels as Vitrine, Greedy Ventilator and Room40. “Deforming A Virtual Ribbon” is the outcome of Ross Manning long experimentation with sound and interactive music systems, starting with technology behind them, produced by his automated instruments. The album includes 4 new compositions, mixing DIY electronics, radio-voice, hypnotic drone sounds and chaotic noisy percussion produced by his shelf-made string pannel. Ltd. edition of 100 white cassettes.Artwork by Ross Manning, representing musical instruments that it was used for the recordings.


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