DK061 Nundata – ‘12.12.15’ C30 €5
dk061_nundataNundata (Srdjan Eftimovski from Serbia) makes lo-fi/harsh-noise explorations of walkmans and stomp boxes disfunctions throught live performance. Under the flow of distortions, garbage and falls of tape glissato you can listen and/or imagine voices, whispers, music and decay of humanity. Ltd. to 50 copies, artwork by mic_nodolby.

DK060 NRYY – ‘Vintage Video Game’ C30 €5
dk060_nryyNRYY (Noise Re Yacky) is Norihito Kodama. from Osaka. He is a very active noise performer of the Tokyo underground scene, blues connoisseur, guitars collector and last but no least he is the man behind Silent Novels Records activities. With the Vintage Video Game cassette NRYY adds the 8bit sound of old nintendo games to his colourful sound palette made as always of fuzz floods, industrials turmoils and collapsing debris. Ltd. to 50 copies, artwork by mic_nodolby.

DK059 Luca Sigurtà – ‘Tangle’ C30 €5
dk059_lucasigurtaLuca Sigurtà is an electronic composer since the early 2000s. Luca’s emotional electronic noise has become part of a mix together with slow paced rhythms and analogue synth delicate flows: a sort of very original trip-noise-hop ambient; melodies with a remarkable melancholic feel and beautiful digital/analog sounds shows all the potential of his music. “Tangle” is a sound istallation based on the use of tape players and loops of different lengths, random cut and pasted. Artwork by Merlo.

DK058 Vertonen – ‘Pont Respiration’ C30 €5
dk058_vertonenVertonen is the name under which Blake Edwards has been recording experimental audio since 1991. Drawing on a wide array of sound sources–sometimes processed, sometimes not–Vertonen’s sound output explores audio terrain ranging from crunchy and dense sonic chaos to off-kilter rhythms to deep evolving drones, making plenty of stops between. “Pont Respiration” source’s recordings were made beneath the fore River Bridge, Quincy MA (under renovation). Throught the sound processing of these field recordings, the tracks reveal themself like a raw documentation/metaphor of the slow decay of post-industrial era. Artwork image by Blake Edwards, layout by mic_nodolby.


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