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For the past 25 years, BASTARD NOISE has been entrenched in the production of punishing, alien sound creation. ITS\’ main objective : to create “audio cinema” representing the self absorbed, ignorant crimes of our \”shit species\” and deliver a critical warning that unbridled, violent incineration of our planet is near. With \”THE HUMAN WASTE CHRONICLES\”, BASTARD NOISE delivers three complex and horrifying compositional soundtracks to our days ahead as a worthless lifeform. Noise is music. The brutality continues…

After releasing a few nice things since 2011 here the latest work of Mademoiselle Bistouri from Italy. Two long around 10 minutes tracks harsh rumbling noise with a lot of extreme sounds. Brutal and nice!

LW098 VIDINE RAMYBE – ‘Jautrios Antenos’ 3” CDr
RAMYBE is a harsh noise / power electronics act from Vilnius, Lithuania, found in 2008 by Kiras who is well known in a local scene from his other extreme music projects & bands (Seagull Overseas, Faršas, Karma Jawless etc.) New EP \”Jautrios antenos\” (\”Sensitive antennas\”) goes a bit further from the usual rough, wallish V.R. sound in to more melodic, experimental ambient-influenced fields. The lyrical themes on this record are focused on a cycle of birth, life and death and personal psychedelic experiences related to this inevitable process. All lyrics shouted in Lithuanian.

LW101 STOA – ‘At the Stoa’ 3” CDr 7E
Numbed by discipline, philosophy or alcohol we view any atrocity unmoved. Stoa is essential harsh noise, without bells and whistles. No layering, no fun, no mosh, no creativity. Feedback, pedals and the vague feeling that people are not in fact born equal in dignity and rights. Sit back with the beer of your choice, browse the Large Sutra of Perfect Wisdom, and pray that one day they will all get what is coming to them. Stoa has a feeling your prayers will be answered.


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