Invisible City Records

The Skull Mask – ‘La Muerte Es Sabia’ C40 £4.5
The Skull Mask is one of the many side projects of Miguel Perez, one of the hardest working individuals in the global no audience underground. This release marks his second outing on the label after he first appeared as one half of The Will Of Nin Girima way back on our fourth release. The Skull Mask takes a side step from his usual dark drone and static hiss, letting Miguel show off his aptitude on nylon strings. Here, he gives us a journey through barren, desolate lands full of hope and despair in equal measures. Dark dusty landscapes, warm breezes and empty roads populate this gritty expanse. This is guitar improv of a beautifully sparse and rich nature that gets right int he back of your throat. File next to Jon Collin and Cian Nugent. This release is out to coincide with Miguel’s first visit to the UK to bring his Skull Mask project to TUSK Festival in Gateshead. Need I say anything more? Available as a hand dubbed black C40 cassette. Limited to 50 copies worldwide.


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