OTA002 – bagatela – ‘américa’ C12
A triptych in miniature. For example: bering – arrival of the first men and playmobil figures to america; maranhão – one caravela crosses the atlantic with a scissors-grinder on the rudder; dez – one morning, somewhere in the new world.

OTA003 – heroin holiday – ‘near places’ C64
ota003You went to the restaurant for the romantic bore but the violin player was replaced by two guys wearing jukebox suits, playing a rhapsody of all the tunes that never got any coin, just with pure frequencies and bare hands.

OTA004 – joe & man – ‘ó tia, dá bolinho?’ C36
ota004Choo-choo tries to arrive somewhere on time but everyone wants to go elsewhere. Back home, is there a velvet blanket waiting for you if it’s cold? And if not, will the chest of drawers do the summer prank and spread cat fur and dust mite all over innocence? There is care in caring, but is there some left in love still?

OTA005 – tape000 – ‘dream’ C24
ota005There are rites that do not harm liberty – she said. They have no power or measure. This carob tree, can you smell it?

OTA006 – pal+ – ‘pictorial’ C38
ota006The attendant came out for a cigarette.and looks around. The rust draws a stock market crash graph in the roof of the old luxury car, the garbage dumpster is disgorging drawings from the small kindergarten.


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