Sonic Meditations

SM067 3 MOONS – ‘3wordsword’ CS
sm067cs3 Moons was Founded in 2010 by Jefferson Zurna, who performed and published tapes as a solo artist while living in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR. In 2012, Dena Goldsmith-Stanley joined 3 Moons, and the duo have toured extensively, while living in a small mobile home. The Duo routinely collaborates with fellow artists and musicians and currently resides in Oakland, CA. “3wordSword” is another take on the phrase “meditate and destroy” with the emphasis on Meditate. Rumbling sheets of feedback, guitar figures, hypnotic reeds, and cryptic electric piano add up to a strange kind of distorted peace. These improvised visions can also, at times, walk you through ancient labyrinths, take you on board a telepathic submarine with Sun Ra deep off the coast of Egypt, and seat you at the banquet table for a slapstick buzzard carrion feast. These tracks were recorded live as they were improvised in Minneapolis, MN Oakland, CA and Hayfork, CA in 2014 and 2015. 8-track album, limited to 80 cassettes with downloads.

SM068 DARSOMBRA – ‘Ployvision’ CS
sm068cssm“From Insects… to Aliens (The Worms Turn)” finds itself building layers of proggy guitar, more active, more intense, with washes of cymbal added for effect in the first couple minutes. A swirling solo takes hold and winds its way into another seemingly simplistic progression around eight minutes in, but it gives way to lower rumbling undertones, if only momentarily before the guitar surges forward again. Though only part of Darsombra‘s broad approach, Daniloski‘s lead work isn’t to be undervalued. Aside from being technically proficient, it brings a rare spontaneity to what might commonly be thought of as a drone or noise record, neither of which is a style known for working off the cuff, adding to the atmosphere of positivity and basking in the spirit of an apparently ceaseless creative drive. Just past 15 minutes, Everton begins a vocal loop that is ultimately the introduction to the final movement of “From Insects… to Aliens (The Worms Turn)” and after a final crash of guitar, she’s backed by noise that indeed sounds like and may or may not be bugs, like crickets at night something from the forest. – THE OBELISK .NET 2-track album, EDITION OF 200 with downloads.


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