Hanging Tree Algorithm

Hanging Tree Algorithm – ‘Machines’
cover (1)Hanging Tree Algorithm’s latest release, Machines, is a showcase of his most inspired synth work and sampling to date, where an aural dichotomy of dark, brooding tones and light, radiant melodies share a common ground of gritty breaks guaranteed to make your head twirl. The album’s second track, Sun Generator, swaddles the listener in warm, lofi textures cascading across a melted landscape, where notes are lost on a whim and recovered only in memory, while the later Cathedral is something reminiscent of Nosdam, rife with bright, downsampled piano and drums to bob your head to. Algorithm demonstrates his dynamic nature throughout, where motion meets transience and the only sense of permanence is the assurance of change; nothing is constant and each track is entirely its own although distinctly Hanging Tree Algorithm. As the album draws near its end, A Lesser Being brings synths that practically cry out in agony and with them an overwhelming sense of pensive melancholy. The final track, Cruiser, is a fitting conclusion for Machines, leaving whoever hears it tripping over sound as layered synths and delays meander about an urgent bassline and break that perfectly capture the essence of Hanging Tree Algorithm’s unique style and influences from hip hop to electronic.


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