Geweih Ritual Documents

The Murmur Ring/A Death Cinematic split CS
adcmmrsplitcassGeweih Ritual Documents and Simple Box Construction present the Murmur Ring | A Death Cinematic split cassette. Each artist clocks around twenty minutes of desolate, lonely, ambient guitar drone and noise per side in this, the first part of a series of splits to come out on Geweih Ritual Documents. Murmur Ring with a 19+ minute track of bleak and beautiful guitar work called SKY CLAD, starts things off. A Death Cinematic contributes two post apocalyptic meditations, THE MORNINGS THAW THE EMPTY FIELDS, OUR BONES ABLAZE IN THE SUN and THEIR BROKEN JAWS SHIMMER, FANGS QUIVER IN BLOOD to finish things up. This release is limited to 150 numbered copies. Housed in a custom 100 lb. black card stock sleeve. Scored, cut, folded, and stamped completely by hand. The sleeve houses the cassette wrapped in two vellum prints, printed in house at the Simple Box Construction studio. Each cassette comes with a printed download card. All images, artwork, and cover design by Simple Box Construction. Manufactured by hand at the Simple Box Construction studio outside Detroit, Michigan.


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