Palm Tapes

The Bed Band – ‘The Dreamiest’ C47 $5
animalbedbandIvan Antonio is The Bed Band. He lives down the street, but cosmically he’s more amongst the crystals, black magic, spells and skulls that inform his four-track, melted, twang. This is worbled psychedelic splatter for the fringe mind. This is “The Dreamiest”. Sun-baked, and back from Santa Fe, Ivan Antonio returns to Detroit deconstructing pop like a cacti drifter wafting off heatstroke. At times, “The Dreamiest” mixes country leanings with a warped four-track aesthetic to nice effect. “Low Places”, for example, has excellent, visceral, swampy guitar bursts mixed with the usual otherworldly production treatment. “Black Rose” has undeniable pop charm delivered through a mound of dirge. Ivan previously recorded as “Whatever” and played in “The Ruggs.” He describes the album as, “Dreamy, lo-fi, 60’s and 70’s inspired future rock n’ roll made with peace and love for all to enjoy.” CBS Detroit says The Bed Band is “pure experimental creativity at its finest.”


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