L.White Records

LW093 BLACK LEATHER JESUS – ‘Every Male Alphabetically By Sin’ 2CD 18E
American harsh noise unit founded in 1989 by Richard Ramirez. 11 members make up this group with Sean E. Matzus and Richard Ramirez the brains behind the chaos. The material presented features various sessions with different lineups at the time of the recordings, including a live performance as a full lineup.

1st release from AUDIORCIST, a project created by Krister Bergman (pre-Positive Adjustments, pre- Demons That Drove). Of punishment: inflicting and receiving it. On your knees please, consume.

LW096 OTOMO HAVA – ‘Densités Compacts’ 10 E
After almost 5 years of making noises, walls, disturbances and chaollages for various respectable labels on abroad, Greece based noisician Thomas Havales, under his HNW/Noise/Experimental moniker Otomo Hava, provides nearly 70 minutes of a set of variably monstrous HNW pieces glued into a single track and obtains a seat of L. White Records’ catalogue of venerable Noise/Industrial/PE acts. Beware! His Chaoticum Vitae’s expanding…


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