RULE-080/GFRV004 Zen Zsigo – ‘Eye Contact’ LP £25
A solitary submersive piece of new rough edged tape work by Zen Zsigo (Cremation Lily / Strange Rules) presented on a single sided clear vinyl. Includes 4 photocopy photography prints which portray an other-worldy intimacy with the coast, packaged finally in a fragile clear sleeve. One gets a sense that Zen has been building a very real and important personal relationship with the ocean landscape of his home through many works in the last years. This record throws the doors wider on that midnight garden of subtle power and great solace as we begin to develop an ever clearer sense of what the art of this undoubtedly talented artist is communicating to us. This record is limited to 28 copies only. Co-released with the Strange Rules label.

GFRV003 Alan Courtis – ‘Crystal Faisa’ LP £22
Amazing new art edition 10″ vinyl from Alan Courtis. Mr Courtis has been an inspirational figure for me dating back to the release of ‘Blank Tapes’, by his former band The Reynols. This early record of processed blank tapes totally clicked for me at the time after hearing a live performance of the album. An experience of presence, space and patience. This new record is also a very simple affair. Side A is Alan playing piano in a Japanese train station. A strange creeping piece, far removed from any classical pretension, it hangs low in the space inviting earnest curiosity. Side B is a dense guitar drone work recorded at Alan’s home studio in Argentina, providing a near perfect complimentary accompaniment. This record is limited to 22 copies only.


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