Lighten Up Sounds

TABOO – ‘Every Funeral Ever All At Once Right Now Forever’ 2xC34 box
TABOOProud to unleash this new album from powerful Maine clan, TABOO. Renaissance romance / sharpened stone, battle cry through acrid smoke. The clan has developed an elaborate mythos and deep symbolic language over the years, the work here some of their most accomplished to date. Ballads of victory and strength, modern bards of lost knowledge. Matched pair of professionally duplicated green shell Cobalt cassettes comes packaged with double sided glossy 80 pt. J-cards. Front photo of Taboo taken with slide film and developed as color, with no digital effects. Tape 1 adorned with the symbol for music and clan in the sense of a family through musical activity. Tape 2 features the symbol for hearth/fire and in that sense location, i.e. where you are or rally whether marked by a bonfire, wood stove, gas range, lighter or torch. At times this symbol may represent a funeral pyre, where the eternal aspects are clearly visible. Package includes a beautiful 16 page color/black and white lyric & statement booklet to offer additional insight and enlightenment. All is housed in a deluxe matte black A-2 card box with custom art paper insert and full color glossy photo binding featuring the clan in their natural environment. Limited edition of 100 copies. Over an hour of remarkable sound, offering protection from the emanating void.


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